If you are an equine specialist, then you know this banner’s sentiment well. Perhaps if you are a show jumping enthusiast, entrusted with hosting your own events occasionally, then you may also be aware of some of the commercial challenges associated with this horse and cart trade which essentially remains an amateur enterprise. If it is not on an amateur level, professional purses remain sparse while costs of organizing show jumping events seem to escalate every year.

The challenge of cost containment and meeting crowd expectations also places your equine stock in harm’s way that much you know. Perhaps you have been saddled for far too long with inferior, plastic and vinyl horse jump cups for far too long. To enhance the esthetic and aesthetic experiences of your show jumpers and their horses, as well as making it wholly and much more safer for them, why not try out authentic, stylishly designed and expertly and ergonomically manufactured wooden horse jump cups and wooden jumps instead.

You may be surprised to be reminded that the use of wooden alternatives bring you, your competitors and horses more quality. Face the facts, wooden jumps and their accompanying jump cups last far longer than vinyl originations. When vinyl is knocked, as will happen in the show jumping event, it cannot be repaired. It therefore needs to be replaced. Horses are well aware of just how fragile vinyl jumps are.

Strictly speaking, horses step on vinyl ground lines and carelessly knock vinyl rails out of its cups. They show a lot more respect for the wooden structures. This works in the favor of their riders who which to remain competitively focused towards achieving the best result possible.