Fido is a popular name given to canines across the world. The expressive name, however, is normally only seen and read in children’s stories, picturesque comics, movies and cartoons. Most avid dog lovers have their own unique names for their best of canine friends, long considered to be important members of the family household. But sadly, Fido cannot always go with the rest of the family during their annual vacations or week-end getaways.

Live-in care givers are not always reliable and generally don’t take to dogs like a house on fire. Domestic pets, dogs and cats mainly, are particularly sensitive, in fact, more sensitive than humans, to how well or poorly they are perceived by others. Fortunately for Fido and all his other furry friends, there are those who really do care. While the folks and kids go away for their vacation or away for just a couple of days, Fido and his pals can be more than well cared for when they all get luxury dog boarding on tap.

No more frustrating chew-ins and lonely howling at night. Dogs and even their villainous neighborhood feline fiends, generally the cats you love, can now all receive the star treatment usually given to celebrity animals and pets owned by millionaires. The facilities on offer are way, way above the average old cramped kennel.  Fido can now be spoiled rotten in a luxurious high-end spa. He will love this.

What dog or cat does not enjoy being pampered they way they should really. Yikes, apart from regular grooming, there is even obedience training in place. The modern pet environment should and does exceed all kennel industry standards. And funny enough, pet owners do not need to spend an arm or a leg in giving their pets this star-studded treatment.